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Int airport - Casablanca

Casablanca - a city in the Kingdom of Morocco, Africa, its business, financial, industrial capital. Located on the Atlantic coast, the perfect place to relax. The largest port in the Atlantic and the point of intersection of the most important ways of Europe, Africa and America. Modern Casablanca - the second largest city in Africa after Cairo - bustling and cosmopolitan. The most grandiose building of the city - a huge mosque Hassan II. Built on the ocean, it resembles the majestic ship. The mosque has no equal in height and splendor of the interior decoration. Casablanca - one of the leading commercial cities of North Africa. The city is connected with the world of roads, railways, international airport, port. Mohammed International Airport - the largest airport of the Kingdom of Morocco, through which the city can be visited by tourists from all over the world. Modern runway airport - it is a real monument of modern architecture. The airport can be reached by train or by bus. Casablanca Mohammed V Airport Site (Casablanca Mohammed V Airport ): http://www.onda.org.ma.

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